More about our pricing…

At km design, we believe in open and honest communication—and nowhere is that more true than when we’re discussing costs with our clients. We like to discuss pricing early on, so everyone feels comfortable and we can get down to work on your project. We begin by simply asking, “What’s your budget?” If the client has a budget, we develop the scope of work around that amount. If not, we provide tiered pricing with good, better and best outcomes. Generally, we prefer project-based pricing, particularly when working on the first few projects with a new client.

Our hope is that you become a longstanding client. After we have a few projects under our belts together, you’ll know how we work and can anticipate our requests, and we’ll know you and your organization to better keep the ball rolling. Often times when we get to this point, it makes sense to discuss a retainer agreement. As a monthly retainer client, you’ll have a guaranteed lock on our creative powers for a said number of hours each month. We price retainers on an hourly basis with the more hours you secure resulting in a lower hourly rate. It’s truly a win-win and has worked beautifully for several of our clients.

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