Are We a Good Match?

Calling all communicators…

If you want a logo design based on a 15-minute phone call, km design isn’t the studio for you. If you need a reliable partner who will deeply understand your business, help you reach your goals and communicate at every step—that’s music to our ears. We will click if:

  • You see yourself as a communicator, want to be actively involved in sharing ideas, collaborating and providing feedback to create the best outcome.
  • You understand the importance of quality branding and design and recognize it as a valuable asset – essential to your company’s success.
  • Our communication-driven process appeals to you. And you understand it’s a two-way street.
  • Mutual respect, honesty and openness matter to you.
  • No matter the size or scope of your projects, you’re looking for an ongoing relationship—a partner at the ready, who is invested in your success, to grow with you.
  • You strive to maintain balance in work and life. (We believe we all bring more to the table when we stay balanced.)
  • You share our opposition to the Oxford comma. Well maybe not, but major BONUS points if you do – or if this made you laugh!
  • (See above) You don’t take yourself or work too seriously, and welcome fun and humor (at appropriate times) as part of a successful working relationship.

Strong partnerships make all the difference. Let us show you how with a complimentary consultation.