Here are answers to some of the questions we’re most often asked about our brand marketing and design services.

We’re passionate about our work and actively seek out businesses whose missions we can support and those that we can genuinely help flourish and grow. We cultivate strong client relationships through honest communication, responsiveness and creativity – mixed with a healthy dose of humor to keep it fun. This collaborative, inclusive approach backed with sound marketing strategy and a keen design aesthetic is our “magic mix” for delivering effective, show-stopping design solutions that get results.

We understand cost plays a big factor in your decision process, especially in today’s economy. We make it a point to talk with you about money sooner rather than later, typically during our first meeting. Our design proposal, which serves as a summary and follow-up to our initial meeting, includes an estimated project cost and timeline. Project fees vary and are based on the project’s scope and timeline. Want to know more based on your specific project? Schedule a complimentary consultation today.

We can appreciate your situation and will work with you to provide some different pricing options that work within your budget.

It’s our standard practice to require a 50% up-front progress payment which initiates work on your project followed by the balance at the project’s completion. When requested by a client and under specific circumstances outlined by KM Design, we’ll work with you to negotiate a payment plan that better fits your financial needs. We accept payment by cash or check.

The number of concepts and revisions vary based on the project budget and timeline which are spelled out in the proposal and agreed upon before work begins. For a new logo we typically budget for 3-4 unique design solutions and 2 rounds of revisions. For website design and print collateral, we typically present up to 2 unique concepts with 3-4 rounds of revisions. Additional concepts or revisions that go beyond what is stated in the contract will result in additional charges – but we’ll let you know well before that happens.

The time it takes to complete your project is mainly based on its scope; simple, small projects can be completed in a couple weeks while larger, more complex projects can take 1-3 months and sometimes longer. As part of the proposal process, we’ll include a timeline for your project’s completion. By providing the requested content and revisions in a timely fashion, you’ll help keep the ball rolling and your project will be done in the most timely manner possible.

Yes typically we can accommodate rush jobs. We do, however, assess an additional fee because rush jobs often times require us to work beyond normal business hours and postpone work for other clients. Especially when working with new clients, we prefer having that extra time to take all the necessary steps to ensures the most effective final product.

We prefer to handle printing through our approved printing vendor-partners. This ensures quality and adherence to budget and timing parameters. If you would like us to use outside vendors/resources, we will charge an additional fee for review of proofs and press checks.

We’re happy to take care of that for you. Or if it’s already in place, just pass on the FTP information and we can take it from there.

We’re in the office from 9 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday.

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