How We Work

Based on our values, the strength of our process is what ensures we meet your needs (and hopefully exceed your expectations) every time. Here’s more about how we work:

First-time clients start here…

  1. Complimentary consult. This is where we have a quick chat to discuss your general needs, hear each other’s voices and ask and answer questions to see if we are a good fit. Schedule one today.
  2. Discovery meetings. Yes, that is meetings with an “s.” Often times it takes more than our initial, in-person kickoff meeting to get to know your business well enough to begin your project. We delve into your business history, marketing successes/failures, goals, challenges and the competitive landscape. We discover what makes you unique, talk about your design preferences, likes, dislikes and so much more. This discovery process is the foundation for all the work we do together—and we only have to do it once. After this initial get-to-know-you phase, we’re on board to fill whatever role you need.

Ongoing/Returning clients start here!

  1. Project work begins—Through a collaborative process, we share ideas, define goals, select a direction, explore concepts, agree, review and refine—ultimately resulting in a project that meets your goals, wants and needs (thereby adding you to the roster of satisfied clients).

If you have a strong communicative spirit and want a design partner who’s involved at every step—let’s talk.