What I need to do my best design

Did you get your mail today? If so, you know how easy it is to stand over the recycling bin and toss things in. With mailboxes full of magazines, bills and sales-clutter, it’s a huge hurdle to even get your correspondence into your recipient’s house—let alone opened. So if you are sending direct mail, end-of-year appeals, or anything that has the chance to get thrown in the circle file (AKA the trash!)—I have some honest advice…

What I’m about to tell you might come as a surprise, especially coming from a designer, but I want all of your marketing materials to be as effective as they can be—and sometimes, that’s not just about strong design. It requires hiring a copywriter.

When there’s a copywriter on the creative team working on your project, it doesn’t just result in better open-rates; it also inspires a better design concept—something I can build on creatively that everyone is excited about. I honestly can’t stress this enough! Professionally-written copy is a surefire way to get my creative juices flowing, sparking lots of design ideas. If you’re looking for a marketing or fundraising slam-dunk, you need the one-two punch of a designer AND copywriter.

If you’re thinking…

…but what about the money?

Words can make or break whether or not your message gets seen. If your organization is already investing in design, a copywriter won’t break the bank. You’re paying a little extra to reach more of your audience. Good copy is always worth it.

…but it’s hard to find a great writer!

You’re right—I have great ones I can seamlessly add to the creative team.

…but we can write it ourselves…

The copywriters I work with write copy full-time. They know how to pique interest, write powerful headlines, make connections and get results. I know you’re busy—why not let someone with an outside perspective—an expert—take it off your plate?

We are coming into the last quarter… the volume of year-end mail is heavy! This means more competition to break through the clutter. I’ve seen my clients who are using copywriters achieve higher ROIs (more to come on this), and save themselves time in the process!

I’ve talked about the value of teams before, and I’m ready to pull together the right team (copywriter included!) to make your project a success—with me at the helm, of course.

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