Infographic – The XYZs of Generational Marketing

Last time we talked, I was heading off to the UCDA Design Summit in Santa Fe. One interesting topic that was discussed was generational marketing—specifically the traits of the latest generation, Generation Z—and it’s had me thinking ever since.

Many of my clients and colleagues are fellow Gen Xers whom “I get” by nature. Increasingly though, more of my clients are Millennials—and with Gen Z turning 18 this year—these two generations are becoming a larger percentage of the workforce and the consumer audience each year. We’ve got to know how to both communicate with them and market to them.

This topic is especially interesting to me because as the communicative designer, everything I do hinges on great client communication. Finding ways to communicate most effectively is how I create the best outcomes. Since the conference, I’ve paid extra-close attention to my Gen Y clients and I’ve noticed a few interesting traits about them:

  • They communicate and hold information digitally
  • They readily hop on Skype chats
  • They are very on-top of things; preferring more frequent, shorter check-ins
  • They check email less frequently and prefer text to share more pressing information

Ultimately every person is an individual, but it is interesting to see the overarching trends in each generation. If we can learn how to better communicate with each other by putting things into a larger generational context, then I’m all for it! That’s why I created this infographic:


If you need help creating infographics or other marketing pieces, let’s talk. I have immediate availability and would love to dig in to your project(s) this summer!


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